No hay nada mejor que escuchar lo nuevo de At The Gates. Como dijo Jeff Walker en una entrevista reciente (y aunque les duela a muchos), tenían que volver los padres de la vieja escuela del Death Metal para poner nuevamente el tope de calidad muy en alto.


¿Te gusta lo extremo? Pues esta es otra banda que puedes escuchar y quedarte pegado por mucho tiempo. Estos tipos están tocando sin parar desde el 2002 y no dejan de sorprender.


All right, skull covered in maggots. And hell yeah,

All right, skull covered in maggots. And hell yeah, guy sitting on a skull throne holding a skull staff atop a big pile of skulls. Fuck yeah I'm feeling it. And here is the guy also playing with the band in a big warehouse and… okay, well, back to him on the throne. Now the band. Throne. Band. Hmmm… see, I love the throne; we’ve established that. But I was kinda hoping maybe with the skulls and the maggots there would be… I don’t know, maybe I should just be thankful for fucking anything right now.


This month's batch of videos has been kind of a downer, but while there are a bunch of filler shots of photos from High on Fire staying at Holiday Inns and shit, this is a pretty graphic depiction of Matt Pike doing what he does best, guitar in hand, destroying with a couple other dudes while some stoned dorks lose their minds in front of the stage a few feet away. And, of course, only rarely must you suffer missing out on the sparkling rubies that are Pike's uncovered nipples.

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